When booking your treatment you have the following conditions:

You are at least 18 years old. This applies to all treatments at the salon.
We welcome you who are 16 years old, with the approval of the keeper. You, as a minor, are not allowed to book treatment yourself, but it must be patronized.
A written approval of the service and amount must be provided to us before booking. (form available at the salon)

When booking, you have 14 days' right to cancel according to DAL. This means that you have the right to cancel your time at any time without special cause.
If you book a time that is within 14 days, you agree to waive the right to use the cancellation deadline according to DAL.

After 14 days, our rules apply as below / or when booking within 14 days:
24 hours cancellation on all treatments = Cancellation must be made no later than 24 hours before.
If you fall ill after closing time and have time the day after, call journr 0730680076.
(note that it is a private number and take it into account then)
Via SMS there is no guarantee that we received the text message, should you, by chance, chance and text, always wait for confirmation.
We count the cancellation from the time we received the text message.

We enter into an agreement when you book your time with us, which means that you as a customer undertake to arrive at the booked time, and we undertake not to book anyone else at the booked time.
Cancellation no later than 24 hours before booked time - SEK 0 in debit
Cancellation 24-4 hours before your time - 75% charge
Cancellation 0-4 hours before your time - 100% charge
If you do not arrive at your time at all, we will charge you 100% for booked treatment.
If you can't come, for whatever reason, this rule applies.
Of course, we always try to get a new customer into your canceled time-
If we receive a booking, you will of course not be charged.

If you are ill, you can reschedule the time, provided you announce in time before and not 1 hour or 10 minutes before, so that we get a chance to announce the time and call customers on the waiting list. The new booked time is not cancellable.
If no new time is booked, you will be charged according to the above rate calculated from when you announced illness.

Our prices online are from prices. This means that this is a minimum about what you will be paid, provided you have booked the right kind of treatment.
Read information about the service at \"i\" at each service.
We charge for everything extra we do, such as new tips, extra colors, stones etc. Ask before your treatment what the price will be.

We have a 7-day warranty. This means that within 7 days you can make a complaint about what is not caused by yourself such as icing or the like.
Warranty applies to large releases, bumps and the like. Not for wrong color choice, wrong shape, self-inflicted injuries etc.
Get in touch as soon as you discover something that doesn't feel right. The warranty claim after 7 days does not apply.
A complaint about service does not give you the right to get the money back without a reasonable service error.

We are legally entitled to charge for costs in connection with a booking, such as salary or materials.

Abuse of our booking rules gives us the right at any time to deny you as a continued customer with us

Read more about DAL below:

I accept the